Poem – Lady Neighbor

Lady Neighbor
Morning aerobics;
Hitler heels attached
to a binge-eating timpany
break waves in my plastered ceiling
to the music of cottage cheese dancing.

Usually, I sleep through it.
This morning the Marilyn pumps
strike oil in in my pavement
of dozing consciousness;
my dripping delusions of sleep.

We’re in love, she and I.
She with my late night hauntings
below her headboard
and me with her early morning
happy-heeled surprise.

After aerobics:
a grist mill attacks me
and shucks the hull right off my brain.
It has to be that Siamese.
Vacuum cleaners don’t delight
in drilling for gray matter that way.

Midnight and I’m alive.
Jazzing at my keyboard
with Dizzy Gillespie and friends.
My ancient anointed blender
cracks her ice
for my Daiquiris.
I’m typing love notes
to my favorite neighbor.


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