Flash Fiction – Up

The word is up. The word limit is 150.

“No one told me sex was so good after fifty,” Randy whispered in Michelle’s ear.

“I never imagined the old buggers could get it up anymore,” she joked.

They went on like this often, now living together at ages into their sixties. They were happy, healthy and a little bit wicked for their generation.

“Do you think we could find some swingers in this God-forsaken senior complex?” Randy winked at her.

“Randy, their lights are out at seven and I don’t think they’re doing what we’re doing.”

“Still,” Randy fantasized.”What about Mary Lou and Frank across the hall with the banana bread?” He laughed, knowing she would get the banana reference.

“Don’t forget the nuts!” She snorted wildly.

“Okay, okay, I’m happy with you, love, we’ll keep it all to ourselves. “Could you hand me the remote? ”

“Sure Sweetie, just lock the doors when you go to bed.”

Are you flashing yet?

Get happy with the M3Blog Flash Fiction Challenge!



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