Flash Fiction – Travel

The word is travel. The word count is 150.

Rich was disabled with a dying pancreas, but his wife Sheila provided well for them with a high tech job in Silicon Valley. Sheila was a Buddhist, going on many weekend retreats away from her fatalistic husband. He just couldn’t get his Om in order, or meditation or peace of mind enough to join her. Pain meds were his way of life, and even marriage counseling was failing to keep them from drifting apart. All they had in common were their two cats.

As a last resort, they planned a vacation. They would travel to Alaska to the wilds of North America to reignite their togetherness.

Rich obtained the necessary prescriptions for the trip, and Sheila promised to let loose and leave her Buddhism at home.

Upon returning from a glorious trip with glaciers, wildlife, snorkeling, kayaking, and whale watching they agreed upon one thing. They would split the cats.

Are you flashing yet?

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