Flash Fiction – Backward

The word is backward. The word count is 150.

He put the key in the lock and slowly turned it. Pulling the steel door open, the attendant got the box and put it on the table for her and left Julia alone with the last effects of her late husband. The security deposit box was all he had left her in his will, and she had no idea what was in it. He had never spoken of it and they had had no time to prepare for this. They had been married in Rio just two weeks ago.

She had married an American to escape the horrible poverty of her home country, despite the commercialism of the resorts. She tried not to allow her thoughts to go backward to her former life.

Julia trembled and opened the box. There was one item in it: a gorgeous cut diamond and ruby necklace.

Are you flashing yet?

Try for yourself in the M3Blog Flash Fiction Challenge!



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