Flash Fiction – Up

The word is up. The word count is 150.

Mildred had been a shut-in in her studio apartment for years. She longed for her family, now gone. She was alone by herself.

She lived in an elderly apartment complex. Mildred had dreams of going on the Autumn foliage trip on the senior bus with all of the neighbors she did not know.

She was an avid nature lover and even in the darkness of the past years, she had put up a hummingbird feeder.

This is my last chance, thought Mildred. She called and made a reservation, not knowing how she would possibly get on the bus.

When it came time for her to board the bus, she thought of retreating back to her room and chair.

“Step up on my hand!” the bus driver had said to her. Mildred gleamed. A dream of a lifetime. She felt loved.


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