Flash Fiction – Egress

The word is egress. The word limit is 150.

The Blue Oyster night club in Chinatown was a popular spot for techno music and raves. On this particular night, the place was packed way beyond the licensed capacity.

It was Friday night and the age range of the patrons was sixteen (allowed in by the bouncers) to about twenty-five. It was a happening place, and the gem in the middle of a busy community.

A rave was on, and the strobe lights were blinding and bodies thrashed to the techno music from deafening surround sound speakers.

On the stage in front of the dance floor, pyrotechnics erupted to enhance the frenzy of the partygoers.

Suddenly the pyrotechnics failed and erupted into real flames, igniting the sound proofing in the ceiling.

1000 people tried to egress through through the revolving doors at the front. The headlines the next day said all were crushed.

Are you flashing yet?

Get with it and join the M3Blog Flash Fiction Challenge!



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