An Interview with Poet Laurie Childree

Laurie Childree

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Interview with Poet Laurie Childree

author of
Moments, Money & Memories
Observations, Obsessions, & Oddities

I have invited Laurie to my world to pull up the rug and chat about her two new books of verse.
Set a spell, while we talk poetry.
GT: Hi Laurie (smile), Tell us a bit about yourself as a poet. How long have you been writing, and who or what is your muse?

Laurie Childree: Hi Gail, (smiling) I’ve been writing for more than twenty years, we just won’t say how much more. We’ll leave out how many things have found their way to the trash. My muse is difficult to explain, things just pop into my head and I write them down. I hear my voice in my head, at times it’s difficult for my hands to keep up to write what I hear. Which isn’t always a good thing when what I hear does not translate to the same rhythm on the page.

Anything could trigger it, staring out a window or riding down the road. Trips to the store or the evening news. It’s more of a view on life, a different take on the reality around us.

GT: Your book Moments, Money & Memories has an interesting theme. What was the driving force behind the poems written for this book?

Laurie Childree: Reality and those who fail to see it was the driving force. Poverty is everywhere. There are ad campaigns to send donations overseas, but many do not realize that poverty exists right here. We walk past people everyday that are without food, homes, running water or a million of the other things that we take for granted.

We are spoiled, we forget that the things we think of as necessity are still but a fantasy for parts of the world. Electricity, we think we have to have yet millions live without it on a daily basis washing their clothing and themselves with dirty water.

GT: I was struck by the true to life nature of the poems in this book. Do you have an overall message?

Laurie Childree: Assumptions are bad, when you make a decision for someone you could be causing them problems that you don’t even consider. There is an assumption that the way things are is the way they have always been, this is not always true.

GT: Who would benefit from reading your poems in Moments, Money & Memories?

Laurie Childree: Anyone that wants to know the realities of poverty.

GT: Your second book is of a different nature. Tell us how you came to write Observations, Obsessions & Oddities.

Laurie Childree: I ended up at a stalling part for a project I was working on, one I had envisioned for a couple of years. It needed to rest, so I began changing course for a while. The news at the time was……..well, less than pleasant so I went with it. There are those that avoid the news like the bad things can contaminate you.

So I began to put the things together and a book was the result.
GT: There are some very powerful poems in this book. Do you have favorites, and why?

Laurie: Not exactly favorites, some resonant more than others.

GT: Is there a different intended audience for Observations, Obsessions & Oddities?

Laurie: This is a bit tricky, they overlap. Anyone that does not fear reality should read it.

GT: Is there a message for this book?

Laurie Childree: The world isn’t going to change on it’s own. We have to be the change we want to see. Simply watching the news, reading the paper and standing back to observe is not enough. Evil, poverty and all the things we shy away from have always existed. The change begins at home. We complain about things that do not matter in the end.

GT: Are there any additional thoughts you would like to add about yourself or your books?

Laurie Childree: My books have been described as being unapologetic and that’s pretty much how I am. I state facts, if people cannot handle facts, then they cannot handle facts. When you open your mind you’ll see that we have both have a lot to offer.

GT: Where are your books available?

Laurie: Redmund Productions, in paperback, PDF, kindle and ebook formats so they are accessible to everyone.

Thank you for your visit, Laurie and your insightful answers about your poetry.


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