Flash Fiction – Down

She quickly learned the down side to her new marriage. While Roy had been attentive and helpful during their brief courtship and honeymoon in the Caribbean, the story was somewhat different once they set up house together. He expected her to do all of the housework and cooking and they both held full-time jobs.

That was annoying, but what she couldn’t abide by were his habits. He ate on the floor from the same plate sharing his food with his dog Rocky. The dog shared their bed, and more.

After three weeks, she saw the lawyer.

Are you flashing yet?

This post my participation in the M3 Blog Flash Fiction Challenge.

Try it. You’ll like it!

The M3 Blog



7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Down

  1. Three weeks? I am guessing my smartassery would have begun with the first meal. The next, I would have served Alpo to saving on cooking time.

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