Flash Fiction – Galley


The word is galley. The upper limit is 150 words.

Mabel and Agnes were ten-year-old inseparable tomboys. They loved to fish in the ponds, climb trees, and smash and eat periwinkle snails on the rocks when they went to the Gloucester shore.

They built a tree house, christened with cooking sherry; the Windspur, but they envisioned their many adventures there as being on a ship of their own making. They had a rope ladder to keep the grownups out, and slept there on lazy afternoons in the middle section of the boat. The top layer of the boat was the galley, and they enjoyed many hours cooking baked bean cans over sterno pots.

For two years the Windspur was their world. Then, over one summer, boys took its place in their interest and they left the ship to rot and fall apart. Mabel and Agnes are seventy-six now, and still speak wistfully about the Windspur.

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